Paver Walkways in Southwest Ohio

At GoodSeed Farm Landscapes, we’re particularly proud of our graceful and elegant paver walks. We like to make walks in gentle curves, wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side, flared at the beginning of the walk and with enough space at the house for a decorative bench or planters. A gracefully curved walk creates a space for landscaping large enough to be interesting.

Dry-laid pavers, set on a compacted gravel base, have a three-dimensional texture, colored all the way through, and are more than twice as hard as poured concrete for wear and stain resistance.

Pavers come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colors, and we lay ours in intricate patterns like inlaid tilework. Paving brick and cobblestone have been used for centuries to make attractive and durable walks and drives. Modern pavers, if professionally installed, have the same toughness and colorfastness. They are time-consuming and tedious to install, but their beauty and practicality are well worth it.

Benefits of a paver walkway

Pavers offer a wide array of benefits over stamped or poured concrete walks, including:

  • Style: Whereas concrete walks are smooth and boring, pavers have texture and color options that are sure to impress. We can even create patterns in the walkway for an even more striking appearance!

  • Durability: Pavers, depending on the manufacturer, come with very generous warranties. Not only do they resist shifting from temperature and scratching, but they also retain their color and don’t fade from excessive sunlight.

  • Non-slip surface: Unlike concrete, pavers have much better grip for your shoes. While this is a benefit all year round, it is even more beneficial when it comes to the winter months.

  • Little to no maintenance needed: Once installed by our professional team, you won’t need to worry about maintaining your paver walkway! They stay in place and are simple to clean, making them the superior option for care costs down the road.

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