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Vegetable Gardening Classes at Southern State Community College in Mt. Orab

Veteran gardeners Delwin and Vicki Griffin offer their six-week vegetable gardening class at Southern State Community College starting March 3.

Would you like to raise your own food, but you’re not sure where to begin? Perhaps you’re an experienced home gardener looking for some new ideas? Would you like to learn more about organic, non-GMO gardening? Southern State Community College is offering a six-week class on vegetable gardening for beginners, starting Tuesday, March 3 at SSCC’s new campus in Mt. Orab..

Presented by veteran gardeners Delwin and Vicki Griffin in partnership with GoodSeed Nursery & Landscape in Winchester, this class will cover the basics of home vegetable gardening in six two-hour sessions, and costs $59.

We'll go through the vegetables one by one, discuss their needs and the pests that can damage them, show you how to build your soil, do some hands-on activities and send you home with lots of “how-to” information. Here’s some of what we’ll cover in this fun, action-packed six-week class:

March 3 - Soil testing; soil preparation, commercial vs. organic fertilizers. Growing potatoes, onions, and radishes.

March 10 - Climate zones and plant hardiness. Growing peas, broccoli, cabbage, and asparagus. Choosing and using tillers. Making, buying and using compost.

March 17 - In-ground, raised beds & container gardens: where and how big? Drainage and sunshine. Trellises, fences and cages. Growing beets, carrots, lettuce, and greens. Choosing & using mulches.

March 24 - Earthworm culture, green manures & cover crops. Growing tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and okra. Choosing and using hand tools.

March 31 - Fertilizer teas. Growing squash, pumpkins, melons and cucumbers. Recommended reading.

April 7 - Timing your crops, extending your season. Growing corn, green beans, sweet potatoes, and garlic. Using fish emulsion, kelp, and meals. Choosing & using forks.

The first 24 enrollees in each course will receive a $20 gift card from GoodSeed Nursery. Class size is limited so act soon. Reserve a seat today and learn the basics of vegetable gardening or low-maintenance landscaping. To enroll in either course, call or e-mail Kim Fitzpatrick at Southern State Community College…1.800.628.7722 ext. 4684 or The last day to register is February 27. For more information contact Russ Brewer at 937.695.9002 or