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HGTV Unveils Plant Collection

Velvety, truly black petunias are the centerpiece of this “Chic Black and White” bedding plant combination from the HGTV Plant Collection.
For those of you who are addicted to HGTV and their many home improvement shows, here’s a bit of news: HGTV has introduced their own collection of special landscape plants for home gardeners. If our first season as an HGTV Home Plant Partner is any indication, this development is likely to send shock waves through the already busy world of new plant introductions.

HGTV has become a home improvement powerhouse, with hugely popular shows on cable and satellite TV, an HGTV magazine chock full of ideas, and their own brands of first-rate branded home improvement and decorating products. Now they have turned their attention to the world of specialty plants. 

Determined to take the guesswork out of combining annual flowers in decorative containers, HGTV’s floral designers experimented with various bedding plants to create stunning combinations that would grow well together under the same conditions, (sun, shade, part sun etc.) in complimentary contrasting colors and textures.

Working with plant breeders, they developed totally new hybrid annuals that perform for the longest possible season under adverse conditions, in striking new foliage and bloom colors. Selecting premier growers in each region of the country, they tested and experimented with different combinations of these new plants for best effect. The next step was to design chic yet affordable planter pots with just the right edgy style to set the plant combinations off to best advantage.

HGTV Home Plant Partner garden centers can now offer these new patented plants individually, combined in fashionable containers, or combined in premium moss hanging baskets. For the budget conscious who already own planter pots, HGTV growers also offer the combinations in affordable gallon containers for their customers to “up-shift” into larger containers themselves.

With names like “Pink Flirt”, “Tropical Bliss”, “Red Sparkle” and “Glow Yellow”, HGTV’s planters and hanging baskets offer fresh new combinations and unique varieties that have been thoroughly tested. Some of the planters even include showy Dahlias. A runaway favorite at GoodSeed Nursery has been the “Chic Black and White” combination, which includes the first truly all-black petunia we’ve seen, a velvety masterpiece set off by silver “Parfum d’Ethiopia” Artemisia and gracefully draping pure white “Empress Flair” Verbena. 

We’ve been very impressed with the quality of plants, the colorful combinations, the overall freshness and professionalism of the HGTV offering. We predict that the HGTV Home Plant Collection will set a new standard for high-fashion annuals. You can view the Collection at