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Bulbs From the Biltmore Estate

Planting fall bulbs for spring color is the most timely gardening project for early November. You can have a colorful garden very early next spring if you plant some bulbs right now. We’ve discovered some really spectacular new varieties in the Biltmore Estate bulb collection. These flowers are unusual enough to get us charged up about bulb planting (not our favorite task).  

Biltmore has several tulip varieties that look more like double Peonies. “Belicia” tulips are cream-colored with dark pink-purple edges on the petals, similar but more dramatic than the “Shirley Temple” and “Festiva Maxima” double white peonies. “Foxtrot” has multiple layers of rich pink petals similar to the popular peony “Sarah Bernhardt”. “DoubleDazzle” is a spectacular purple, also with multiple layers of petals instead of the typical cup-shaped tulip blossom. 

Biltmore’s narcissus “Rosy Cloud” also resembles a Peony, with peach-pink outer petals and a peony-like “double bomb” center. Our favorite Biltmore daffodil is the “Double Poet” in pure white. Unlike tulips, daffodils form clumps that spread and expand over time so they’re an excellent investment. 

Often overlooked are the more unusual bulbs like Fritillaria and Bluebells. These are easy to plant in the front of the border, needing only a few inches of soil cover. Biltmore’s Fritillaria “uva vulpis” has charming yellow drooping blooms tinged with purple. English Bluebells are intense blue with a more open and relaxed habit than the typical grape Hyacinth. Another Biltmore selection great for naturalizing is the yellow Dogtooth Violet “Pagoda”.  Again, they can be planted very shallow and will gradually spread over the years. 

Early-blooming Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips and many other colorful bulbs will get the jump on spring and reward you with colorful gardens before the dogwoods bloom in spring. Bulbs need warm soil to build roots before winter, but it is late enough in the year that there’s no danger of bulbs sprouting too early.  

Those of you who crave the unusual will want to check out the Biltmore Collection bulbs, online or here at GoodSeed Farm.